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{Revised on March 31, 2013}


My name is Sook and I am a blogger.

Yes. I blog. About me. Food. and everything else, really. I am so glad that you decided to stop by at my little space. The fact you are here to learn more about me and my blog means a lot to me!


Where to start…. Well, I was born in a little town called Hugokri in Gangwondo, which is up north of South Korea. It is actually located near the 38th parallel bordering South and North Korea. My dad was a military man for a long time, until I was about 9 years old. Then we moved to a bigger city called Nonsan in the central province called Chungnam. I spent most of my youth there… until I was granted an opportunity to serve as a missionary in Mesa, Arizona when I was 21 years old. (Click HERE to learn more about my beliefs if you’re interested) I spent about 18 months (one of the best experiences ever!) there helping people.


After completing my service as a missionary, I went back to Korea for three months and prepared to go to school at Brigham Young University Idaho…. there I met and married my sweetheart Sean (aka the hub). We have two adorable and very energetic boys together.


I started cooking seriously after I married Sean. When we were in college, we were so busy with school and work, we always ate out… you know what that does to you. Yes, we gained tons of weight and our health wasn’t in good shape anymore. I was pregnant when we graduated and when my husband got a job in California, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom (which is the BEST decision I’ve ever made). I started to cook more at home… I wasn’t so great at the beginning, I must confess.. But I realized that the more you cook, the better you get. I absolutely love cooking. And taking pictures of yummy food and writing about it makes me happy. And apparently it makes the hub happy, too…


This blog is about (but not limited to) food, culture, and the people of Korea. However, I will be posting other great recipes that I come across. I love cooking every type of food. I can’t promise I will only post Korean recipes… Then the other kinds of food I make will be sad. And I hope that you enjoy reading my blog. I certainly enjoy writing it.


Thanks for reading.

Gamsahamnida (Thank you),

Sook Bunton 숙 번튼