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Is April a Good Time to Go to Korea?


The answer is… definitely YES! I’ve been getting lots of emails asking if a certain month is a good time to go to Korea and what they should bring. So I decided to do a post about each month, starting with April…

If I had a choice, I would choose April for me and my family to visit Korea. But unfortunately, April is in the middle of school year… which is kind of sad. But sometime in the future, I think I will try and be brave enough to pull my boy out of school for a week and go during Spring break, which will give us a couple of weeks to see all the beautiful mountains, flowers, and fun festivals they have in April.

Here’s why April is such a perfect time to go to Korea-

1) The Weather…



This is a temperature chart of April in Seoul, South Korea. As you can see, the temperature is not too cold, but not too warm, either. Just a perfect temperature to enjoy all the fun outgoing activities in a light jacket. It does get a little chilly at night times, but seriously, just wear a jacket, and you’re good to go. It hardly rains in April if I remember correctly. It might shower occasionally but not like it does in Monsoon season, for sure.

2) Cherry Blossom Festivals!


This is seriously one of my favorite things that I loved going every year. Almost every big (even some small) city has a wonderful cherry blossom festival in early April. There are different types of cherry blossoms, the pink ones, the white ones, they are all so beautiful. It does get crowded but hey, at least, you will get some amazing photos there! The ones that I used to go to also had street vendors that sold cotton candies, different types of yummy food like Korean corndogs, which by the way are my husband’s favorite thing ever, etc. You can find all the beautiful images of cherry blossom festivals in Korea by clicking Here.

3) Perfect time to go Hiking if you’re a Hiker


If you didn’t already know, Korea is a Peninsula, which means it’s surrounded by the ocean. There are lots of beaches! But it is also full of small and big mountains! Hiking is a very common hobby for many Koreans since it isn’t so difficult to find a mountain to hike or climb. It’s always fun to pack up your snacks and just go hiking for a day with your friends and families. I hiked many different mountains. A lot of them have trails you can follow. Some are more difficult as they are rockier, but they are usually a lot more to see!

There are many other reasons why April is so perfect, but those were my top three reasons why I prefer April (or May) to any other months to visit Korea. I will write about May next month as well. And here are things that you might consider packing along with your normal travel-items if you’re going to Korea in April —

  • Light jackets
  • One heavy jacket (just in case it gets too cold at night)
  • Allergy medicines (flowers are blooming everywhere!)
  • Extra SD card for your camera
  • Deodorant (it gets humid there, and you might feel self conscious about all the sweat your body creates)
  • A list of basic Korean phrases for using public transportation such as taxis, trains, subways, buses, etc.

I will tell you that most Korean learn English at school, however, they can be extremely shy about actually speaking it with foreigners. So be patient with them and be likable… which means, smile brightly when you ask them for directions or questions. They are more likely to want to help you when you are smiling and polite. So don’t be all so serious or frown or be grumpy. Try to pick a younger person to help out, someone who looks to be about 20-40 years old. They all had English classes growing up and they’re likely to be able to answer some of your basic questions.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! Good luck if you’re going to Korea in April. It’s a great time to be there!


2 Responses to “Is April a Good Time to Go to Korea?”

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    Heather — March 21, 2014 at 7:27 am

    Looks absolutely beautiful. You should take your son. I have never hesitated to pull my children out of school for travel. Travel itself is such a fantastic experience and education that just can’t be duplicated.

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    Deniz — May 29, 2014 at 1:41 am

    Hi! I am really happy to find your website. I love Korean foods and watching a lot of dramas and trying to learn the language :) This post is awesome. I want to visit South Korea someday in the future. And now I am sure April is the best for the great visit. Thank you!

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