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Kimchi Bibim Soba

Kimchi Bibim Soba

Happy Monday, everyone!

Today, I kind of feel heavy. I ate too good over the weekend and gained 3 lbs… Oops. We had some guests over on Saturday and went kind of crazy with different types of food. We also went to a Korean market which means we got some junk food there. Korean junk food is so incredible and delicious so I just couldn’t pass up on those.. Besides, my four year old loves Korean chocolate snacks and he always begs for them while we are at the store. Anyway, I’m back to eating healthy again, at least for a while. I still have about 10-15 lbs to lose. If I want to achieve that goal by the end of this year, I’d better get back to my diet.


Cooking and eating Korean food has been very helpful lately. A lot of Korean dishes are vegetarian and use very little meat. Not that meat is bad or anything but it kind of “forces” me to eat more vegetables and greens. This bibim soba is a great, healthy meal, using soba noodles instead of somen. It’s topped with some lettuce, kimchi, mushrooms and jalapeno peppers.


I have been enjoying adding Kimchi to noodle or rice bowls lately. It’s refreshing and also a great way to enjoy some spices of Korea. Koreans like spicy food. Their food is never really bland. Koreans use a lot of different types of spices, especially gochugaru (fine red pepper flakes). It seems as though they add gochugaru to just about every dish there.


I made this noodle dish with zaru soba but you can replace it with buckwheat soba noodles or plain somen noodles. You can also add different kinds of veggies as well. You can add some matchstick carrots or zucchini slices or whatever you like, really. It’s easy to adapt, which is why I love Korean noodle plates and bowls!


To make this dish, you need some good Kimchi. I buy mine at my Korean market. They make Kimchi there fresh and it’s one of the best Kimchi I’ve tried in America. Of course, it’s not better than my mom’s Kimchi which I plan to learn how to make it when I go visit her, hopefully next Summer. My mom tells me that I need to make it on my own and I agree. I’ve made Kimchi 3 times before and one of those times, I actually succeeded. I will be sure to share a descent Kimchi recipe when I am comfortable and confident enough to share one. :) Okay, so chop off some Kimchi for the noodle dish.


Combine the Kimchi marinade ingredients in a bowl and stir in the chopped Kimchi and set aside.


Add the bibim sauce to the cooked, then chilled soba noodles and mix well with chopsticks or forks until the noodles are coated evenly with the sauce.


Like this.


Mix with all the other ingredients and enjoy!

Kimchi Bibim Soba

Serves: 2

  • 1 bundle soba noodles (zaru or buckwheat)
  • 7-8 lettuce leaves, chopped
  • 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded, thinly sliced
  • ½ cup shiitake mushrooms, thinly sliced
  • ½ cucumber, peeled and seeded, cut into thin strips
  • 1 cup chopped Kimchi
  • For Kimchi marinade: 1 tablespoon gochugaru (red pepper flakes)
  • ½ tablespoon sesame seeds
  • ½ tablespoon sesame oil
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • For Bibim Sauce: 3 tablespoons gochujang
  • 1 tablespoon gochugaru
  • 1 tablespoon Korean mulyoet or corn syrup
  • 1 tablespoon Korean vinegar or apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon sesame seeds

  1. Cook noodles according to package instructions. Rinse the cooked noodles in cold water until chilled. Set aside.
  2. Place 1 cup chopped Kimchi in a bowl and add 1 tablespoon gochugaru, ½ tablespoon sesame seeds, ½ tablespoon sesame oil, and 1 teaspoon sugar and mix together by hand or using a spoon. Set aside.
  3. Make Bibim Sauce by combining the 3 tablespoons gochujang, 1 tablespoon gochugaru, 1 tablespoon mulyoet (or corn syrup), 1 tablespoon vinegar, and 1 tablespoon sesame seeds. Mix well until smooth.
  4. Pour the sauce over chilled noodles and mix well using chopsticks or forks until the noodles are coated evenly with the sauce.
  5. Transfer the noodles to two plates in equal portions. Top the noodles with chopped lettuce, mushrooms, cucumbers, jalapenos and the marinaded Kimchi.



9 Responses to “Kimchi Bibim Soba”

  1. #
    Belinda @zomppa — July 16, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Oops. =) What’s couple pounds with some fantastic food! Love this soba.

  2. #
    Kitchen Belleicious — July 16, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    that looks beyond flavorful. soba is just an amazing dish to begin with and here you have brought it to a whole new level

  3. #
    Lynna H. — July 17, 2012 at 12:07 am

    I dislike the feeling of eating so much over a holiday/weekend. Then have to go back to a healthier eating style. LOL

    Boy, this looks fantastic! All I need is some gochujang sauce & soba noodles to make this dish. D: YAY. guess i`ll go grocery shopping soon!

  4. #
    Mary — July 17, 2012 at 6:25 am

    This sounds fantastic! Looks like I need a quick trip to the Asian Market down the street. Thanks for a great recipe!

  5. #
    hui c — July 20, 2012 at 9:04 am

    this looks so appetising.. my mouth is watering.. i can imagine how good it tastes! oh boy! i really need to stock up on kimchi! thks for sharing ^^

  6. #
    linda — August 20, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    if i wanted to add meat to this dish, what could I add? i had this and it was so delicious!

    • Sook replied: — August 20th, 2012 @ 4:36 pm

      Hi Linda! I think maybe Bulgogi meat (beef) or even barbecued shrimp would be great. You can always experiment with different things! That’s what I always do! :) Glad you liked it. :)


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