Fresh Peach Cake

When our friends dropped off a bagful of fresh peaches (off of their peach tree in their backyard!) for us, I was eager to make a treat with them! I love desserts made with fresh peaches! I found this delicious recipe on Food Network; It’s Ina Garten’s recipe. I’d always made peach cobblers before but … Read more

Baked Crisp Chicken Burritos

I have many “tried-and-true” recipes that I love and adore… and this is one of them. I really like cream cheese in main dishes and I love the combination of chicken and cream cheese together. I used to go to Taco Time when I was going to college in Idaho (It’s so sad that we … Read more

{Copycat} Orange Dream Machine

I have an announcement to make… Drum roll please….. Yes! Yesterday, I made a big purchase from Costco! I got a Vitamix! I’ve been wanting this for a long time now and I always postponed it thinking it’s just too expensive. I’ve been saving some money and when I heard that Costco was selling it … Read more

Enchilada Stuffed Poblanos

It’s June! And I just realized that I’ll be hitting three parties this Saturday! Three! One in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the evening. The evening one is for my husband’s 30th birthday! Never thought this day would come, lol. So I am pretty excited about this weekend to see all the … Read more