Best Alternatives to Yogurt

There are many health benefits of yogurt; it is a rich resource of calcium, healthy protein and probiotics. Nevertheless, some people who are lactose intolerant might not be able to eat dairy products, or some individuals just don’t like the taste/texture of yogurt

Ideal alternatives to yogurt.

Right here are a few of the very best yogurt alternatives, dairy products and non-dairy.


Kefir type beverages have been prominent for centuries in the Middle East as well as Eastern Europe. Kefir is made from cow’s milk and also is similar to yogurt. Kefir is not as thick as yogurt, and also is usually more like a drink.

Kefir is comparable in preference to yogurt, however will be tangier as well as can be sour. The advantage to alcohol consumption kefir is that it is typically greater in probiotics as compared to yogurt and is a rich source of calcium like yogurt.

A lot of supermarket bring kefir, and there are a selection of flavors readily available that can aid mask the strong sour preference if you’re not utilized to it. Kefir can be utilized as a yogurt option that will certainly still supply probiotics and calcium.

Cottage Cheese

If you’re seeking a different appearance account for yogurt, you could try cottage cheese. Home cheese is similar nutritionally to yogurt in that it is high in protein as well as has some calcium.

If you use yogurt as a base to mix in fruit, nuts or oats, transform it up with using cottage cheese as a replacement for variety. Home cheese can be an easy replacement for ordinary yogurt. Right here are some concepts to add in to cottage cheese or plain yogurt for flavor:

– Chopped apples, raisins as well as ground cinnamon

– Berries, chia seeds and some slivered almonds

– Tomatoes, ground pepper and also dried basil

– Sliced peaches or pears

Remember cottage cheese as well as kefir are dairy products. Some individuals who are lactose intolerant may be able to consume kefir or home cheese, but some individuals with more serious lactose intolerance will not have the ability to. See likewise: Health advantages of cheese

Soy yogurt

For those that can’t endure dairy or are cutting milk products from the diet, there are various other non-dairy yogurts on the marketplace. Soy yogurt contains a similar quantity of healthy protein to routine yogurt, and also soy yogurts are typically strengthened with calcium. Some soy yogurt brand names are additionally fortified with online societies, similar to routine yogurt

Many soy yogurts are vegan, which could make an easy, convenient substitute for yogurt for individuals going onto a vegan diet plan. All soy yogurt brands are a little different, as well as some might notice soy yogurt can have an unique taste.

Coconut/almond yogurt.

Coconut or almond based yogurts are similar to soy in that they are dairy cost-free and vegan. Nevertheless, coconut and also almond yogurts are reduced in protein compared to soy yogurt. Many coconut/almond yogurts are fortified with calcium, like soy yogurts.

Coconut as well as almond yogurts could not have the real-time as well as active societies (probiotics) like routine yogurt, yet coconut is thought to have anti-fungal buildings.

Chia seeds

Chia seed “dessert” could have a comparable structure to yogurt gooey consistency as yogurt, and is a vegan, dairy products cost-free option. Already made chia seed puddings are coming to be more available in stores, yet you can likewise make your own chia seed pudding. Pre-made chia seed items are normally a great deal a lot more expensive compared with routine yogurt.

To earn chia seed pudding, integrate regarding 2 c of liquid (like dairy alternate milk) with 1/3 -1/ 2 c of chia seeds You could include flavors like honey, cocoa powder, healthy protein powder, fruit, vanilla, etc. Mix components with each other and also store in fridge. See also: Health benefits of Chia seeds.

Watch the sugar

Remember, whether it is yogurt or a yogurt option, these products could be very high in sugar. Examine nutrition labels before acquiring. It’s ideal to purchase a plain variety as well as include your personal sweetness instead of purchasing something pre-sweetened.

Also simple dairy items will certainly have some sugar in them since lactose, discovered in dairy products, is a carb. Yogurts as well as yogurt options can be sweetened heavily, and choosing plain and also including your very own sweetener can save you numerous calories.

Below are some various ways to add taste to yogurt or yogurt alternatives:

– Dried or fresh fruit

– A touch of all-natural honey

-1 tablespoon of fruit maintains as well as 1 tbsp of nut butter

– Add grain or muesli to plain yogurt

– Blend ordinary yogurt or yogurt alternative in a homemade shake


Yogurt has lots of health advantages, yet if for some reason yogurt can’t be a part of your diet or you’re trying to find an option, there are many healthy options. Kefir or home cheese could be milk based option, and kefir provides a resource of probiotics just like yogurt.

Non-dairy based yogurt choices like soy/almond/coconut yogurts are likewise vegan. Soy yogurt will have the protein amount most similar to normal yogurt. Coconut yogurt could supply benefit much like probiotics due to the fact that coconut could have anti-fungal residential properties.

Whatever your yogurt or yogurt alternative selection, enjoy the added sugars in these items. Buy plain flavors as usually as you can. Also review: Is greek yogurt helpful for you?

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