How to Use Epsom Salt fot Weight Loss

When I became aware of the benefits of an Epsom salt bath for weight reduction, I was captivated. Taking long baths is among my absolute favourite ways to relax. If I can shed some extra pounds while I remain in there, why not? Like everything I read online, I wished to check out the truth to these claims before going out and purchasing a huge bucket of Epsom salts.

I ‘d become aware of Epsom salts before however in a little bit of an uncommon context – my friend puts a service of the salts over her garden and states it makes the grass grow greener! Like apple cider vinegar, Epsom salts seem to be a jack-of-all-trades solution so I’ve arranged the reality from the fiction for you. Read on to get more information!

Exactly what are Epsom salts?

To start with, Epsom salts aren’t technically salts. They are a naturally happening compound of magnesium and sulfates originating in Surrey, England.

Magnesium and sulfate are both absorbed through your skin, into your bloodstream when you bathe in Epsom salts. (source).

Magnesium and sulfates have numerous impacts on your body. Magnesium in particular is an important aspect which assists the function of your enzymes. It likewise enhances your bones and assists prevent osteoporosis, among other things. (source).

How does an Epsom salt bath assist with weight loss?

I’m sorry to inform you, the short answer is – it does not. The majority of websites declare that Epsom salts “detoxify” your whole body, making it more efficient and assisting you shed pounds quickly. Unfortunately “cleansing” is not a clinical term. In fact, it’s useless.

Your liver is the only part of your body that serves to “cleanse”. Any “contaminants” entering your body such as junk food, pollution, etc are easily purified by your liver. More major “toxic substances” like toxins require medical attention. So, Epsom salts won’t help you “detox”.

How then, do some people report a reduction in inches when they get out of the bath? The questionable Dr Oz showed this on a TELEVISION show where a lady lost 1.5 inches from both her thighs and waist after taking a 10 minute Epsom salt bath on stage (source). The factor for this is probably due to loss of water weight through sweating in a hot bath. And a sample size of 1 is not precisely scientifically robust.

Another theory is that the “salt” water itself dehydrates you, again resulting in loss of water weight. The mechanism is not different to pickling – adding a veggie to salt solution to extract water. Naturally the effect is not as obvious with an Epsom salt bath.

It’s a great option if you wish to lose a couple of inches temporarily for a special occasion, however the weight won’t remain off for longer than a few days, and you do not wish to make a practice of dehydrating yourself as it can cause lightheadedness and fainting. (source).

Other reasons to take an Epsom salt bath.

So I may have squashed your weight reduction dreams however there are still a lot of other reasons to bathe in Epsom salts. I do it myself periodically for the following advantages:.

  • It relieves sore muscles.
  • It relieves the discomfort of minor injuries such as stress.
  • It helps with oily hair.
  • It relieves mild sunburnIt’s a great whole-body exfoliator.
  • It provides my body with magnesium.

( source).

The best ways to make an Epsom salt bath for weight loss

If you have actually checked out the realities and chose to go on with an Epsom salt bath to shed a little water weight while relaxing your muscles – here’s ways to do it:.

  1. Start out by adding simply one tablespoon of Epsom salt to your bath. After you have been using it for a few months, you can slowly increase to 2 cups. Do not use more than this.
  2. You can include great deals of other elements to your bath in addition to the salts. Some examples are necessary oils for fragrance (I like lavender) or apple cider vinegar for radiant skin.
  3. Relax in the bath for 15 – 25 minutes. You can utilize some of the dry salts to scrub and exfoliate your body.

I want to do the above as soon as a week but 2 – 3 times a week is good too. Start slowly and if your body reacts well to it then you can increase the frequency. (source).


If you have a health condition, especially a concern with high or low blood pressure, talk to your physician if this bath is safe for you. If you are pregnant or have kidney disease, avoid Epsom salts altogether. (source 1, 2).

Be careful if you’re new to hot baths. If the temperature level is too expensive or you stand up all of a sudden, you could pass out. I choose not to take a bath if I’m alone in your house in case this happens. Make certain to bring a bottle of water with you in case you become dehydrated.

Don’t be tempted to take Epsom salts orally. It’s fine if you mistakenly swallow a bit of bath water but one tablespoon includes more than 100 times your recommended everyday allowance of magnesium so beware. (source).


I hope this article has actually been enlightening, even if it didn’t offer you the answers you wanted to hear. An Epsom salt bath is still charming and relaxing however the very best way to reduce weight is by portion control and exercise.

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