Is Peanut Butter and Jelly Good For You?

Peanut butter and also jelly is a timeless sandwich combination, yet is not a food you would normally think about as a specifically healthy one. Exist any surprise nourishment advantages to be found in this lunchbox favourite as well as how can we make it an extra healthy option?

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter differs substantially from brand to brand name, with numerous business varieties containing big amounts of sugar, salt or added fats. Nevertheless, if you select well, peanut butter could be a good source of protein, as well as healthy and balanced, heart friendly fats in your diet.

It is however still high in calories, so should be eaten in small amounts for those viewing their weight. Realize that some peanut butters advertised as slim could consist of extra sugar or various other unfavorable active ingredients to preserve the preference of the item without the fat. Because of this it is necessary to read tags as well as select the healthiest version possible.


Jelly is generally comprised of sugar and so adds power through calories, however very little other nutritional benefit. For this reason it must not be taken into consideration a healthy and balanced option, also if words fruit is stated on the tag. Sugar cost-free variations are a lower calorie option, yet consist of synthetic ingredients for sweetness and also still have no significant nutrients.


Relying on the type of bread you utilize this could be a very healthy component of the dish or one that uses calories as well as little dietary worth. White breads made with polished flour, which are a prominent option with peanut butter and jelly, are very little different than consuming a sugary item such as the jelly itself.

These foods create blood glucose levels to surge, after that go down swiftly, leaving you hungry and also food craving a lot more sugar. Improved bread products usually also include little in the way of nutrients as well as fiber, however simply supply vacant calories.

On the various other hand, entire grain bread made with minimum handling could be really healthy, providing a good resource of B vitamins required for energy manufacturing and also various other functions in the body as well as fibre which is essential for a healthy digestive tract and also heart. (See likewise: Is bread negative for you and what does it cost? is way too much).

Nutritional Worth

The average peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a variety when it involves nutritional web content. Whilst there are absolutely some positive factors in terms of dietary worth, total it is generally not the healthiest option.

When good selections are made in terms of bread and peanut butter, the sandwich is a good source of healthy protein, healthy fats, fibre and B vitamins. However, it is a high calories option as well as if harmful choices are chosen when it come to bread and peanut butter could have little nutritional value.

This is a rather a huge amount of fat and calories when you consider that for many people this sort of sandwich would certainly be eaten as a snack or as a component of a larger meal.

For fans of peanut butter and jelly nevertheless, all is not lost. There are some easy methods to bump up the dietary worth of your preferred sandwich and lower the calories, making it into a much healthier option.

Ways to Make a Much Healthier Version of Peanut Butter and Also Jelly

Choose much healthier bread

By selecting whole grain bread as opposed to a polished white variation you could quickly include fiber and B vitamins to your sandwich. Whole grain breads also have the tendency to be low GI, implying that they keep your blood glucose degrees secure for a longer period of time, keeping you fuller for longer.

Swap jelly for Jam, Fruit Spread or a reduced sugar version

Jelly truly has no nutritional value as well as just contributes empty calories. By choosing a no sugarcoated fruit spread or jam you go to least getting only natural sugars from fruit and also may also benefits from a few of the vitamins in the fruit, although this is likely to be marginal offered the handling and the small amount you are really eating.

These sorts of spreads usually have less sugar compared to jellies, nevertheless there is substantial variation from brand name to brand, so search for one that has fruit as the first ingredient rather than sugar and has the least quantity of sugar possible.

Minimized sugar variations of jams and jellies are additionally an alternative and will work to reduce the calories in your sandwich. Another choice to add nutrients as well as fibre is to replace the jelly with sliced banana or apple, which still offers the wonderful taste, however provides some nutrition in the process.

Choose a much healthier peanut butter

Ideally select an entirely all-natural peanut butter which contains only peanuts. Many organic food stores have an equipment where peanuts are ground to earn fresh peanut butter as well as this is a great method to earn sure you know just what remains in the butter.

You can also choose your favourite appearance as well as it normally has a better flavour compared to industrial selections. If this is not feasible, at least choose a brand that does not consist of any included trans fats and also seek one that has actually the least included components. Lower salt and added sugar are also things to seek.

Low fat variations may have less calories, yet are often greater in sugar or salt to preserve the flavour. Taking into consideration that the fats in peanut butter are generally healthy and balanced, there might not be a real should pick reduced fat variations. For a change you may likewise like to try other all-natural butters such as almond.

Minimize calories

To lower the calories in the total sandwich, attempt tricks such as slicing bread thinner, spreading peanut butter thinner and minimizing the total dimension of the sandwich by choosing a smaller sized size of bread. By selecting healthy and balanced alternatives and reducing portion size you can virtually reduce the calorie content of the sandwich in half, making it the perfect snack or part of a larger dish.

Include a healthy side

Even when made in a healthy way, a peanut butter as well as jelly sandwich gives little in terms of vitamins. Making it right into a healthy meal that provides a good range of foods from all the food groups, include a side salad or offer with a piece of fresh fruit.

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