Is Vitamin Water Good for You or Should You Avoid It?

Vitamin fortified, flavorful waters have actually ended up being popular as a “healthy and balanced” beverage of selection for numerous. Nevertheless, staying clear of these products may actually be far better than by selecting vitamin fortified water. Vitamin waters could be almost as high in sugar as soft drinks which negates nearly all benefit from the enhancement of added vitamins.

Vitamin waters in some cases are marketed to show up that they could truly have a positive impact in wellness. Nonetheless, these claims should be read with care.

One particular business, Vitaminwater (1) which is possessed by Coca-Cola, was taken legal action against in 2009 by the Facility for Scientific Research in the general public Interest (CSPI) for making deceitful health and wellness insurance claims.

The company’s names of water tastes, such as defense, focus, vital, and so on are also viewed as cynical as well as misleading.

Do We Need The Added Vitamins From Vitamin Water?

Vitamins are one of the important nutrients required by human beings, meaning we need to consume them for survival due to the fact that our body does not make them. The nutrients we get through food as well as beverages are developed to provide the nutrients we require for energy, development and defense versus health issues.

So why would certainly we require a supplement of minerals and vitamins?

Normal Western style diet with little nutrition stuffed foods and high in refined foods develops a set up for not obtaining a great deal of nutrients with the diet. This shifts to popular viewpoint for the demand of vitamin/mineral supplements and also strengthened products like vitamin water.

In contrast to common belief, there is really not a consensus amongst the scientific community if vitamin supplements are also beneficial.

The way we absorb nutrients from genuine foods is different than from supplements like pills or vitamin spiked water.

Some research also recommends obtaining some vitamins from supplements could do even more damage than good.

Why Thhey Could Be Well Worth Preventing

According to a 2012 research (2 ), there is no evidence to support that antioxidant supplements, like just what could be included in some vitamin waters, can help with illness prevention.

A 2007 study (3) even discovered that there might even be a GREATER threat of death from supplementing with the antioxidants vitamin A, beta carotene (vitamin A by-product) as well as vitamin E.

Keep in mind that obtaining these nutrients from real foods has the other organization: they are connected with reducing threat for sure diseases as well as usually having a positive impact on wellness.

Similar to various other vitamins/mineral supplements for individuals who are taken into consideration healthy, getting nutrients from supplement products does not have the exact same result as getting these nutrients from food.

So are vitamin waters considered healthy and balanced?

According to a write-up (4) in Bloomberg Business, Coca-Cola’s legal team suggested during their 2009 law suit that no customer would sensibly think about Vitamin water a healthy and balanced drink.

Despite the fact that some vitamin waters declare to have wellness benefits, these claims are dubious, and also obtaining synthetic vitamins from supplements does not show up to have the same advantages as from food.

Sugar Content

One reason that vitamin waters might not be thought about healthy is because they contain sugar. In fact, Vitaminwater can offer 32-34 grams of sugar each 20-ounce dimension. Compared with an 8 ounce glass of soda water that offers about 44 grams of sugar, vitamin waters are not that far behind in sugar web content.

Obtaining extra sugar is associated with raising danger for weight problems, kind 2 diabetic issues as well as heart disease.

In fact, eliminating sweet drinks is one of the top recommendations for weight reduction according to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg College of Public Health (5 ).

Inning accordance with these researchers, reducing sugar calories from liquids shows up to have a more powerful result on weight management compared to reducing sugar consumption from solid food.

What Concerning The Sugar Free Flavors?

So if you eliminated the sugar from vitamin waters, does this make them much healthier?

There is much argument about the security of sugar choices and their result on the body. The question is constantly, whether from sugar or an alternate sugar, is what does it cost? are you having?

Getting a great deal of artificial sweeteners can upregulate your desire for pleasant flavor and also might have an adverse influence on your gut germs.

Make your personal Vitamin Water

As an alternative for sweetened vitamin waters, make your own. Start with distilled water as a base as well as add real fruit items, mint, cucumber or other produce to include sweetness.

If you need a bit much more, include just a touch of actual honey or syrup. By doing this you are still obtaining some nutrients from all-natural sources and also are bumping up your water consumption.


Vitamin fortified waters can have a great deal of unsubstantiated hype related with them. Health and wellness asserts related to drinking vitamin water has just recently been tested by law suits, as well as Coca-Cola itself, which owns Vitaminwater, apparently claimed that they are not healthy and balanced drinks.

They are high in sugar nearly as much as what is in soda pop. Sugar free choices might not be better although they do not have the sugar calories.

As a healthier choice, consume real water with actual nutrients included.

You could customize the sweetness added using a combination of various fruits, vegetables, honey/maple syrup or natural herbs to add some taste and also nutrients.

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