Psychiatrists prescribe Lexapro to treat clinical depression and generalised stress and anxiety disorder. Lexapro is a careful serotonin reuptake prevention, or SSRI. Psychiatrists and physicians suggest these medicines most commonly to deal with depression. Similar to various other SSRIs, numerous negative effects can occur when taking Lexapro. Some side effects, such as stomach problems and also migraine, are rather typical. Others seldom occur. Learning more about the rare but feasible negative effects of Lexapro can help to recognize just what to expect from treatment as well as what to discuss with a physician.

Autonomic Nervous System Side Effects

In a huge professional trial reported by RxList, a handful of people taking Lexapro for either depression or anxiousness experienced negative effects connected to the free nervous system. Among these side effects was completely dry mouth, or lowered excretion of saliva. Unlike opposite side effects, dry mouth frequently lingers throughout therapy rather than diminishing as many opposite effects do. A little percent of individuals experienced the uncommon side effect of hyperhidrosis, or too much sweating. Individuals taking Lexapro occasionally experience a burning or prickling feeling, generally in the extremities, called paresthesia, according to The feeling appears to occur suddenly and also can be aggravating for some people.

Psychiatric Adverse Effects

Numerous psychiatric negative effects periodically develop. RxList reports a low occurrence of people taking Lexapro experiencing “irregular dreaming.” Dreams may boost or become particularly brilliant, intense, disturbing or otherwise uncommon. Specific people experience a lowered appetite while taking Lexapro, which could or could not cause weight management. One more uncommon side effect during therapy is either sleeplessness or drowsiness. Patients taking Lexapro for anxiousness ran a higher threat of both of these sorts of rest disturbances.

Respiratory System Side Effects

Several of the rarest reported adverse effects include breathing system disruptions. These consist of stuffy nose and sinus problems, reported by 5 percent or much less of study individuals. An even more uncommon as well as rare adverse effects that emerges for some is yawning. People that experience this really feel a chronic and engaging desire to yawn, or to make a yawning-like intake of air. Statistically unimportant but feasible breathing side effects likewise consist of respiratory disease, coughing and sinus headache.


Escitalopram is made use of to treat anxiety as well as stress and anxiety. It works by helping to restore the equilibrium of a certain all-natural material (serotonin) in the brain. Escitalopram belongs to a class of medicines referred to as discerning serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). It might enhance your power degree and feelings of health as well as lower anxiety.

The best ways to utilize Lexapro

Check Out the Drug Overview and, if offered, the Patient Information Brochure provided by your pharmacist before you begin taking escitalopram and also each time you obtain a refill. If you have any concerns, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Take this drug by mouth with or without food as routed by your physician, typically daily in the early morning or evening. The dose is based on your medical condition, action to therapy, age, and also various other medicines you could be taking. Make certain to inform your doctor and also pharmacologist regarding all the items you utilize (including prescription medications, nonprescription medicines, and also organic items).

If you are utilizing the fluid type of this drug, thoroughly measure the dosage making use of an unique measuring device/spoon. Do not use a household spoon because you might not get the proper dose.

To lower your threat of adverse effects, your doctor might direct you to begin taking this medication at a reduced dosage and slowly boost your dosage. Follow your physician’s guidelines very carefully. Do not raise your dosage or utilize this drug more frequently or for longer compared to suggested. Your problem will not improve any type of faster, and also your danger of side effects will certainly increase. Take this medication regularly to get one of the most take advantage of it. In order to help you bear in mind, take it at the same time every day.

It is essential to continue taking this medicine even if you really feel well. Do not stop taking this medication without consulting your medical professional. Some problems may worsen when this medication is suddenly quit. Also, you may experience signs and symptoms such as state of mind swings, migraine, exhaustion, sleep modifications, as well as brief sensations just like electrical shock. To avoid these symptoms while you are quiting treatment with this medication, your medical professional might reduce your dosage slowly. Consult your physician or pharmacist for more information. Report any kind of brand-new or worsening symptoms right away.

It could take 1 to 2 weeks to really feel a take advantage of this medicine and 4 weeks to really feel the full benefit of this medicine. Inform your medical professional if your condition does not boost or if it intensifies.

Adverse effects

Queasiness, dry mouth, problem resting, bowel irregularity, fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, and boosted sweating might take place. If any of these effects continue or worsen, tell your physician promptly.

Bear in mind that your doctor has suggested this medicine since she or he has judged that the advantage to you is more than the danger of side effects. Many people utilizing this medication do not have significant side effects.

Inform your medical professional today if you have any kind of significant adverse effects, including: lowered interest in sex, changes in sex-related capacity, simple bruising/bleeding.

Get clinical assistance as soon as possible if you have any very serious adverse effects, consisting of: bloody/black/tarry stools, fainting, fast/irregular heart beat, vomit that appears like coffee premises, seizures, eye pain/swelling/redness, widened students, vision changes (such as seeing rainbows around lights during the night, obscured vision).

This drug might enhance serotonin as well as seldom cause a very severe condition called serotonin syndrome/toxicity. The risk enhances if you are also taking various other medicines that increase serotonin, so tell your physician or pharmacist of all the drugs you take (see Medication Interactions area). Obtain medical help immediately if you develop several of the complying with symptoms: quick heartbeat, hallucinations, loss of sychronisation, severe wooziness, extreme nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, jerking muscular tissues, unusual high temperature, unusual agitation/restlessness.

Rarely, men could have an excruciating or long term erection lasting 4 or even more hours. If this takes place, stop utilizing this drug and also get medical help as soon as possible, or long-term problems could happen.

An extremely serious allergic reaction to this medicine is rare. However, get medical aid as soon as possible if you notice any kind of symptoms of a significant allergy, consisting of: breakout, itching/swelling (specifically of the face/tongue/throat), extreme lightheadedness, difficulty breathing.

This is not a full listing of feasible side effects. If you see various other effects not provided above, call your physician or pharmacist.

Preventative measures

Before taking escitalopram, inform your medical professional or pharmacist if you dislike it; or to citalopram; or if you have any other allergic reactions. This product may have inactive active ingredients, which can trigger allergies or other issues. Talk with your pharmacist for even more information.

Prior to using this medicine, inform your physician or pharmacist your medical history, particularly of: personal or family history of bipolar/manic-depressive disorder, individual or family history of suicide attempts, liver disease, seizures, intestinal ulcers/bleeding (peptic ulcer illness) or hemorrhaging problems, reduced salt in the blood (hyponatremia), personal or family history of glaucoma (angle-closure kind).

Escitalopram may trigger a condition that influences the heart rhythm (QT prolongation). QT prolongation can rarely create significant (seldom deadly) fast/irregular heartbeat and other signs (such as severe wooziness, fainting) that require clinical attention as soon as possible.

The risk of QT prolongation might be increased if you have certain clinical problems or are taking other medications that could trigger QT prolongation. Before using escitalopram, tell your physician or pharmacologist of all the drugs you take as well as if you have any one of the list below conditions: specific heart troubles (heart failure, slow-moving heartbeat, recent tablets”) or if you have conditions such as severe sweating, looseness of the bowels, or vomiting. Talk to your doctor about using escitalopram securely.

This drug might make you woozy or sluggish. Do not own, make use of equipment, or do any activity that calls for alertness till you make sure you can execute such tasks safely. Avoid liquors.

The fluid type of this medication could include sugar and/or aspartame. Care is suggested if you have diabetics issues, phenylketonuria (PKU), or other problem that needs you to limit/avoid these materials in your diet regimen. Ask your doctor or pharmacist concerning using this drug securely.

Before having surgery, tell your physician or dental practitioner concerning all the items you make use of (consisting of prescription medicines, nonprescription medicines, and natural products).

Older adults may be a lot more sensitive to the side effects of this drug, such as QT prolongation (see over), loss of coordination, or blood loss. They could additionally be more likely to lose way too much salt (hyponatremia), especially if they are also taking “water pills” (diuretics) with this medicine. Loss of coordination could raise the risk of dropping.

Kids could be much more sensitive to the adverse effects of this medication, specifically anorexia nervosa and also weight loss. Screen weight and height in kids who are taking this drug.

During pregnancy, this drug should be utilized just when plainly required. It could hurt an unborn baby. Also, babies born to mommies that have used this drug throughout the last 3 months of maternity may seldom establish withdrawal symptoms such as feeding/breathing troubles, seizures, muscular tissue tightness, or continuous sobbing. If you see any one of these signs in your newborn, tell the physician immediately.

Since neglected mental/mood issues (such as anxiety, stress and anxiety, obsessive-compulsive condition, panic attack) can be a significant problem, do not stop utilizing this drug unless guided by your medical professional. If you are preparing pregnancy, become pregnant, or think you could be expecting, quickly talk about with your medical professional the benefits and threats of using this medication while pregnant.

This drug enters breast milk and also could have unwanted effects on a nursing infant. Consult your physician before breast-feeding.


Drug interactions may transform how your medicines function or raise your threat for serious negative effects. This file does not consist of all feasible medicine communications. Keep a checklist of all the products you utilize (consisting of prescription/nonprescription drugs and organic products) and share it with your medical professional as well as pharmacologist. Do not start, stop, or transform the dosage of any medications without your physician’s authorization.

Some items that may engage with this drug include: various other medications that can create bleeding/bruising (including antiplatelet medications such as clopidogrel, NSAIDs such as advil, “blood slimmers” such as warfarin).

Pain killers can raise the risk of bleeding when made use of with this medication. However, if your doctor has actually directed you to take low-dose aspirin for cardiovascular disease or stroke prevention (normally at doses of 81-325 milligrams a day), you must continue taking it unless your medical professional advises you or else. Ask your medical professional or pharmacist for even more details.

Taking MAO inhibitors with this medicine might trigger a major (possibly fatal) medicine communication. Prevent taking MAO inhibitors (isocarboxazid, linezolid, methylene blue, moclobemide, phenelzine, procarbazine, rasagiline, safinamide, selegiline, tranylcypromine) throughout therapy with this medication. Most MAO preventions ought to likewise not be considered 2 weeks before as well as after treatment with this medicine. Ask your doctor when to start or stop taking this medication.

The risk of serotonin syndrome/toxicity enhances if you are likewise taking other medicines that raise serotonin. Instances include street drugs such as MDMA/”euphoria,” St. John’s wort, particular antidepressants (consisting of other SSRIs such as fluoxetine/paroxetine, SNRIs such as duloxetine/venlafaxine), tryptophan, to name a few. The threat of serotonin syndrome/toxicity may be more probable when you begin or boost the dose of these medications.

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking other items that trigger sleepiness including alcohol, cannabis, antihistamines (such as cetirizine, diphenhydramine), medicines for sleep or anxiousness (such as alprazolam, diazepam, zolpidem), muscular tissue relaxants, and also numbing pain relievers (such as codeine).

Examine the tags on all your medicines (such as allergic reaction, pain/fever reducers, or cough-and-cold items) since they might consist of active ingredients that cause drowsiness or increase the danger of blood loss. Ask your pharmacist regarding making use of those items safely.

Numerous drugs besides escitalopram may influence the heart rhythm (QT prolongation), consisting of amiodarone, pimozide, procainamide, quinidine, sotalol, to name a few.

Escitalopram is really much like citalopram. Do not make use of drugs consisting of citalopram while utilizing escitalopram.

This drug might hinder specific medical/laboratory tests (including brain check for Parkinson’s condition), potentially causing false examination results. Make certain lab employees and all your doctors understand you use this medication.

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